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"When I first heard Gennady Zut play the balalaika for me privately, I was so impressed that I immediately invited him to perform with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra at our summer music festival at Meadowbrook. Mr. Zut is an outstanding virtuoso performer who commands a comprehensive repertoire which extends from the 18th century classics to the works by twentieth century composers, and includes folk music as well. His sensitive, emotional playing demonstrates the truly wonderful expressive qualities of the balalaika with taste and style. Mr. Zut also performs in a duo with his wife Tatyana, who is an excellent pianist, and I give my highest recommendations for him either as soloist or chamber performer. I am certain that he is capable of playing with great success with the finest orchestras."

Neeme Jarvi
Music Director
Detroit Symphony Orchestra

"Gennady Zut is a great balalaika virtuoso performer with a passionate, authentic style. His music touches the heart."

Alexander Shalov
St. Petersburg Conservatory

"Truly communicative stylist... A concert of superb artistry... made the impossible seem easy with the power of the music."

Toledo Blade

"...stunning virtuosity... deeply moving... magnificent!"

Deanna Relyea
Kerrytown Concert House
Ann Arbor, MI

"virtuoso performance... " Jarvi, DSO and virtuoso [Gennady Zut] make great music together."

Mark Stryker
Detroit News