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Born in the small Siberian city of Tyumen, Gennady Zut began studying balalaika at age 12 starting a course of education that would lead to a major performance career in the former Soviet Union. He was selected at an early age to study with the accomplished musician, L.F. Bezzubov at the musical college of Tyumen. After graduating from the distinguished college in 1968, Mr. Zut performed in solo recitals, taught balalaika at the Musica School and College of Tyumen, and directed a Russian folk music orchestra.

Gennady Zut is an experienced luther and repairman who cares about the tone and playability of your instrument. Gennady Zut does wide range of repairs of Violins, Violas, Cellos, Basses, Ethnic Instruments, Balalaikas, Bows, and many others.

A Tale of Two Gennadys. 
by Nancy Wight

Gennady Zut, balalaika, and Gennady Sergienko, domra, were soloists with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in Chicago's Orchestra Hall for four performances... (read more)

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"...stunning virtuosity... deeply moving... magnificent!"

"Truly communicative stylist..."

"virtuoso performance... "